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how to make money by using Gearbest and aliexpress affiliate programs

by - August 03, 2019

hello everyone 
and welcome to another post . making money online isn't a dream , it is a reality . a lot of people get passive income from the Internet by using different method maybe you would like to check my post 8 ways to make money online . but also remember it isn't get rich in one day so don't lose hope in your first week - the truth about working online- , if others can earn you also can , you just need to find the most suitable way for you .
in today post i will be talking about affiliate marketing programs not share and sale , not amazon ... but about the 2 that i like to use Gearbest and Aliexpress .

affiliate disclaimer : this post contains affiliate links , please read the affiliate disclaimer here .

1- Gearbest :
Gearbest is a Chinese company which sell different kind of products , bonus you have a million products , you can choose what  you want according to your niche .
Gearbest offers 3 programs , you can only choose one of them so think wisely .

-affiliate program : this is the one that i chose .  here is the Principe you present to someone a product  on your blog - if you are thinking of starting a blog you may would like to read tips you need to know before starting a blog - or on your social media and if this person buy it via your affiliate link , you get a commission . without forgetting about the bonus that they offer from time to time and on your first click you get 5 dollar . you can also earn by using your referral link which means if you advice someone to work with them and they registered by using your referral link you can earn some commission . you can sign up via this link  affiliate gearbest

-free gifts cards : it's like a coupon , here is how it works : you buy something from gearbest with your own money then you make a review on your blog , YouTube channel , social media and of course you need to share the link of the product too . once you do all this steps go to the gearbest website and submit your review with in one month . the most important point is the numbers of view , so remember before you send them your review be sure that you have at least more than 100 or 200 views 

-pro program : if my blog was popular - or at least have a good amount of views - and if there wasn't any shipping problem to my country  i would choose this pro program . you just give them your platform and if they approve it ,you will although get a free products that suit your niche or you will get a discount on the product and after they see your review , they will reimburse you .

2- Aliexpress :
everyone know the popular website Aliexpress . actually i don't have to much things to say about it . it's the same story if someone buy a product via your affiliate links , you will earn a commission . furthermore they give you bonus if you can get audience from certain countries .

PSA : if you are interested in affiliate marketing and want to learn more about other programs please check this article the best affiliate marketing programs for 2019 from Jeff Lenny's blog .

in conclusion :
you might read a thousands of post like this and you might be thinking " it's easy i need  just to post a link if people like it they will buy it " it's not that easy i got my first sell after like 2 months i start loosing hope and i say this is not for me , especially that the first sell came from google + which has been deleted  but the second one came from my pinterest . i believe one day if i master it well i can make more money in one day as they said " if you can make one dollar , than you can make more " this is my story  , just don't lose hope and learn more about it .

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