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tips you need to know before you start blogging

by - December 17, 2018

hello everyone 

and welcome to  another post hope that you enjoy . today i decided to share some tips with you so if you are a beginner or want to start blog that's may help you .

1-so first pick your nich , what do you want your blog to be about ? i will give a small advice that i am pretty sure that you already know it , blog about the things you love , that's will make you enjoy blogging even if you don't have a lot of audience but doing something that makes you happy , will always make you want to push yourself to be better . this advice may seems stupid but it's important because if you choose to make a blog only to earn money and you choose a nich that brings you money but you don't like , i am sure that after one month you will stop blogging .

now let's choose the website that you want to make your blog on , there is 3 that everyone use :                    1-blogger 
                                                               2- wordpress
i am not the right person to give you my opinion about wordpress because i didn't use it before . but let's start talking about my experience with blogger and wix .
i already have blog for diy called nice crafts in blogger but when i want to make this blog i wanted to take it to the next level , make it looks like professional so i decided to use wix . there was a lot of templates for every nich but the problem that wix is very complicated  so i went back to blogger . it's so easy to use but the only thing that i didn't like about is there isn't the type of template that i want to use . and after doing some research i found this website that contains different tamplets ,some of them are free .

3- choose a name and url for your blog , try to choose something creative that descripes you and that you like it all the time in order to avoid the problem of changing your url blog .

4- make social media accounts for your blog :
-twitter : is the most important one , most of my traffic comes from it . to make your tweet seen by others use hashtag and when you tweet about your blog you can tag any of the re-tweet account in order to retweet your blog link and like that you can be known by others . here's some of my favorite re-tweet account : @kblogrt @bloggervue @lovingblogs @bloglove2018

also you need to interact with others , help others and like this you can build friends  in the blogger community and i am sure that you will enjoy as i do .

- you can also share you blog link in instagram-use hashtag too- in facebook - blogger group- blogloving and pintrest.

5-be unique : try to find different ideas than others , and if you want to blog about a topic that you already read in other blogs  , use your style . make your blog post easy to read use simple language , pictures , and don't compare yourself to other bloggers be friend with them it's not a competition , it's community where everyone help each others

6- don't give up : blogging is hard than it seems , you may not gonna have followers or audience in the first days maybe months but it's only a matter of time .

hope that this simple advice help you, if you are blogger do you have any other advice , hope that you share them with us in the comment .

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