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73 things about me - a bloggers version of vogue's 73 questions

by - August 12, 2019

Hello everyone  

 I saw a lot of bloggers do this kind of posts and i really liked this idea  , well i don't know who started this blogging " trend" but this is suppose to be a tag post which means a blogger nominates another blogger to write it . But since no one tag me I am gonna  do it by myself  lol does this make sense to you ! 

So let's  start 
1-  what is your usual Starbuck's order ?

 we don't have a Starbuck in my country

2- what does your work station  looking right now ?


3- all time favourite food ?

Sea food

4- favourite author?

Agatha Christie

5- what do you think of open relationship  ?

No for me

6- favourite video game?

Crazy chicken

7-guilty pleasure treat ?

not sure 

8- favourite film ?

Happy New year , it's an Indian movie .

9- favourite book ?

his name is Ahmed

10- Twitter or instagram ?


11- desktop or laptop?


12- best advice you have ever received?

It was from my mom " الله يعطي سره لأضعف خلقه " which means " God give his secret to his weakest creation  "  it's when people doubt that you can do something 

13-what a project are you working on right now ?

It's something about my studies .

14-favourite color ?


15- did you get good grades at school?

Yep the good old days

16- dream job ?

Not sure but I always like the idea of being a travel vlogger

17- played any sports? 


18- do you have a degree ?

Not yet , I will graduate after 3 years 

19- nationality?


20- what is your favourite kind of blog post to do ?

Review about a product and travel post

21- what do you like to collect  ?

Beads and anything looks small ,cute and colorful .

22- describe  yourself in 3 words ?

Childish , hard working , funny - maybe -

23- if you were a rapper what would your rapper name be ?


24- who was the last person you dmed?

My friend Karen 

25-what is on the top of wish list right now ?

turn my blog into a money making machine

26- Hogwarts house ?


27- how many tattoos do you have ?

I don't have any .

28- what are you most grateful for this year ?

For starting my blog .

29- what's  The best thing that happened to you this month ?

Eid aladha , it's a Muslim's celebration day .

30- what's the best thing that happened to you today ?

waking up with good health , my family next to me

31- what is the best thing ever ?

Going to a trip

32- favourite season ?


33- favourite holiday ?


34- which fictional character  do you relate the most ?

i don't know

35- do you like surprise  ?

36- what's  The biggest  surprise you ever got ?

my dad had like a working trip to Turkey and i went with him

37- what's  The surprise that made you cry ?

there isn't

38- what is the biggest surprise  You have given  to anyone  ?

i sometimes give people gifts but i wouldn't  consider it as a surprise so i guess the biggest one was when i passed my Bac " exam that we passe to graduate from high school" and i told my parents about it , they were extra happy .

39-do you like muffins ?


40- do you cook often ?


41- what is your favourite dessert?

can't pick

42-is there a dessert that you don't  like ?


43- cake or pie ?


44- what is your least favourite  food  ?


45- what is your favourite condiment ?

black pepper

46 - it's  4 am on Saturday  night what would  You eat ?

usually i don't stay awake till that time .

47- if you could  teach a collage class what would it be called ?

anything related to my studies

48 - best animated film ?

mama cocco

49- what had a guy done or said to impress you ?


50- the best thing to do in a first date ?

having fun - well i don't know -

51- the worst thing to do on a first date ?

showing up late

52- what is the funniest  pick up line a guy can use on a girl ?

don't know

53- best comic book character?

i didn't read comic book

54- what are the  3 things that are always in your hand bag ?

Tissue , money , phone

55- favourite drink ?

Orange / lemon juice

56- if you could  play a historical character  who would it be ?

any character 

57- kittens or puppies?


58- favourite  sushi roll ?

I didn't eat sushi before

59-  what kind of lipstick do you use ?

i use lip gloss

60- what kind of foundation do you use ?


61- blow dry or air dry ?

It depends on the weather .

62- who is your fashion  icon ?

Don't have

63- favourite Disney character?


64- what are you doing tomorrow?

having fun

65- movie you laughed the hardest through ?

not a movie it was a series

66- a movie that made you cry ?

Grave of fireflies

67- if you could sing a duet with someone who would it be ?

Ariana Grande

68-  if your life was a song what would the title be ?


69- what's your  favourite animal ?


70- favourite  illustrator ?

don't have

71- the person  You Want to have coffee  with ?

I don't know

72- what's the country  You wish to visit ?

Not only one there is a lot but the country on my top wish list is Maldives

73- best way to decompress ?

sitting alone and doing something  that you like

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