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the truth about working online

by - September 17, 2018

"how to earn 100 dollar a day " 
" earn more than 800 dollar just by clicking add " 
" how did i earn 10 dollar in one hour " 

now this is the kind of post that you will find in the internet . as a beginner that didn't try any method of working online or simply didn't know anything about this big world . the first thing that you gonna think of ( yeah it's so easy i am gonna be millionaire ) 

well i am sorry this isn't the truth  or should i say it's a clickbait .

is it possible to earn money from internet ???

yes it is .

let me tell you a story about my first experiment on working online .

the first website i start working in called neobox . as a beginner i saw a lot of post like this ( earn 25 dollar each hour , earn 100 dollar by clicking adds  bla bla bla) so after reading a lot of post about this website i discoverd this 3 points :

1- it's legit and this is the most imprtant one , to be honest with you i thought that all the website of woking online are legit but unfortunately no .

2- each add you click you earn 0.001 dollar - you wanna know my reaction ( umm ok that's fine i can click a lot of adds in 1 day this isn't a problem cool )

3- you have to stay 40 seconds on each add - ok that's cool with me it's short time .

i registed to the website and  the surprise was :

there is only 12 add to click on it each day and sometimes 6 .

wow so the maximum in one day is 0.012dollar wow so disappointed 

but i didn't give up  i search a lot to finid a legit website that i like and i start working on "get paid "
you read more about it in the link below and also collecting bitcoin and dogcoin ( i will write about them in another post )

so what you should know as a beginner 
1-  working online isn't that easy it's so hard .
2- do not give up at your first day of working you may only earn 0.1 maximum 0.5 dollar but don't worry one day you will understand the secret of working online - for me i earn till now from get paid 8 dollar but if you work everyday for like 3 hours you will earn more .
3- before you start using any website you should read what other people think of it - review- .
4- be sure that the website is legit , how ?? click on the link below then write the name of the website that you want to work on and read the review 

hope that this help you - do not give up - see you next time 

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2 التعليقات

  1. Really important post! So many people are fooled by messages they see online about making money.

    1. thank you , i am glad that you enjoy it :)