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8 ways to earn money online

by - July 07, 2019

Hello everyone
And welcome  to another post , as we all know that  Internet is a life changer , the majority  of our activities  depend  on it and more than 4 billion people in the world use it but did you know that some people gain their entire income form the Internet . In this post I am going to share different methods  to earn money online . And of course nothing  comes easy but nothing is impossible you can check my blog post  the truth about working  online

1-Freelance : ask yourself what kind of job you are good at? Are you good at writing articles , making logo , translate an article to another language , photoshop .... 
if you still wondering what you want to do just check out fiverr  or if you are Arabic check khamsat  and see , maybe you will find something  that you like , learn it well than start working  and be sure to make your costumer satisfied.

2-Photographer : yep you can turn your hobby into your income . of course search for a legit website that you can work with  and follow their rules , also don't  publish the picture  that you sell in the Internet . 

3-Websites reviews  : this is also a great choice for you , you can get paid between 10 to 15 dollars  for one review . You need to tell them what you didn't  you like in the website  , if there is an option that don't  work , what's they need to add ....

4-Blogging : there is so many many ways to make money from blogging  :
- ads : you can participate  in google  adsence  when all their rules apply to you , you can earn for every click , the price of one click change from a country to another also you get paid for every 1000 appearance  of an add in your blog . Google adsence  isn't  the only program ,  you can use other .

-affiliates  marketing : I know some bloggers  get their entire  income form working  with affiliates  programs  , I use gearbest  and aliexpress program for now -i wrote a post about the 2 programs you can read it here -. But there is other very known  like amazon,  sephora , share and sell . I applied  for share and sell  5 months ago  but I was rejected , and what I am going  to say now is so important you might not be accepted  in the first time but never give up some people  have applied  more than 3 times until they got accepted.

-paid post : you either can search  in Twitter  by using the hashtag blogger  required and see if their conditions  apply to you , or maybe some companies  will e-mail  you  in order to cooperate  with you but be sure it's  not a scam . You have to write a review in your blog in exchange with money or products . I got my first paid post after 8 months  from starting my blog .

- selling  course  or products : if you can teach people something  , you can start making and selling  your own course  try  to give them unique and simple information,  for products you  can sell like calender or something  that you  make , I don't  know use your imagination  .

5-Ptc : although it's  not my favourite method  . But I started with it when I was beginner . You  can earn money by clicking  adds and doing  offer ,  task  ..... 
the websites  I used and still using it sometimes called get paid you can read this post about it here .
if you search you will find many kind of ptc website like this but before using  it be sure that is not a scam .

6-cryptocurrency : which is a digital currency .
there is a lot of kind of crypto like bitcoin , bitcoin cash , ethereum , litecoin... 
if you are interested  please read this posts how to earn bitcoin and the best website  to earn  litecoin

7-EBay store :  if you like to diy different things like jewelry , crochet gloves , hats or how about making phone cases with silicone or decorating transparent one or drawing printing pictures on mug or simply decorating  mug.... 
there is a lot of ideas , it's  up to you what you choose  based on what you like and what are you good at . And don't forget to open Twitter  account  to get more audience and interact with other artists .

8-March by Amazon  : this program don't  accept  all countries  . All that you need to do is to make designs to like print it on  the t- shirt or hoodies according  to a specific rules.  And when someone  buy it  , they will pay you certain percentage .
 You can't  use pictures or drawing from the Internet  or you are going to be expelled , here is a hint make a design  according to occasions  I mean  if it's  father day make a design  about this day , if it's  Halloween make a scary design  ... 
this will help you to increase  your  gain .

Hope that you like this post and hope that it can help you to get to your dreams , see you next time . 

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