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My trip to Algiers and Blida

by - July 20, 2019

Hello everyone 
And welcome to another post , this time I will show you some places that I visited in my country Algeria known with the name of the country of one and half million martyrs . 
1- Chiffa :
 is a town located in Blida famous with its views and their special type of monkeys called magot .
 The view on the road is so beautiful just natural .

The best part is you can feed and see the monkeys on nature like not behind the cage not only in the zoo but also you can find them on the road . 

this tree is 204 years old .

this is from the road . 

2- martyrs memorial :

 it's called  Maqam Elchahid  in Arabic. It's located in Algiers the capital .
The monument was built in the memory of our heroes who sacrificed their life for us during the french colonization which was about 132 years . It's was opened in 5th July 1982  corresponding with the 20 the anniversary of Algeria independence .

3- military museum : I couldn't take pictures in the museum , it isn't allowed. There was guns and knife which has been used by our martyrs , martyr's uniform  , pictures from the massacre of 8 Mai 1945 here a resume of the story : France lost the war against Germany so they asked for the help of Algerian people to fight next to them and the price was giving Algeria its Independence , so they agreed to fight next to France . After the breaking news that Germany has surrounded , people in Steif and Galma did a peaceful protest to demand what France has promised them , their independence but the France military has responded by killing them , cutting their heads , throwing them of the bridge .... More than 
45 000 Algerian had lost their Life . 

Medals that Napoleon the 3rd had given to Emir Abdelkader in different occasions and also a scarf was given to him after he protected the Christian of France ( to be honest with you I didn't know about this story ) .

 there is also a Dress  which was worn by Algerian woman - I don't remember her name - the color of the dress was green with some red stripes she wore it with haik to represent the 3 colors of Algeria flag ( green , red , white ) during the celebration of the Independence in 1962  .
Old camera , statue of martyr , other things which represent the period of Ottoman Empire there was a lot of things .
Here's some pictures from outside .

4- this is where we parked our car , everything is green .  For me I think that we should from time to time  be in contact with the nature because it heals our souls .
The park is next to maqam Elchahid .

Hope that you enjoy this post , see you next time .

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