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less than 1 dollar item from aliexpress review

by - November 23, 2018

hello everyone 

and welcome to another post of try it and review it . today post will be about items from aliexpress that cost me less then 1 dollar . i might do more post like this in the future . this was my first experience buying online and it was amazing .
ps : this post contains affiliate link .

the thing that you should know about me that i am obsessed with crazy hair color i dyed my hair 3 times but unfortunately it get damaged . that's why i decided to give this hair extension try . i bought 2 blue - favorite color - and 1 purple . it cost 0.69 dollar + 0.27 for the shipping . it supposes to arrive between 52-60 days but it took 75 days .
the hair color as the description . this product really worth it . if anyone want to buy hair extension i advise to buy from this seller .

and this is also a hair extension from another seller it costs 0.53 dollars and the shipping is free . And it took only 30 days to arrive that's so fast comparing to other products in this post

if you want to see the product click here

 You can see the difference between them .

now move on to second product which is a bracelet , it costs me 0.56 dollar the shipping is free and it also took more than 60 days . it is so large .
most of the feedback are negative because it's arrive broken but for me it's arrive in one piece .

the last product is an earrings . it cost 0.25 +0.20 dollar for the shipping . i like this product so much but i guess i choosed the wrong color , if you have black hair like me i suggest to buy the sliver or the gold one because it can't be seen if it's black .

my 2 favorite items are absolutely the hair extension and the earrings .

and for the last product will be in another post of try it and review it :) 

hope that you like this post which one is your favorite product ?? and is there any less then 1 dollar products that you want review about ??

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