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24 k gold primer from aliexpress review

by - September 06, 2019

hello everyone

it has been a long time since i did "try it and review it " post . Today product is from Aliexpress . It is one of my favorite website to shop online , the majority of the products are affordable . I already published a post about less than 1 dollar items from Aliexpress don't forget to check it .

the product that i bought is a make up primer which you apply before using foundation , it's called 24k gold serum . it has 4.7 star and 758 reviews some of them are bad .

this is how it arrived , the package was damaged as you can see in the pictures  , all the written in the package is with Chinese except for the part that you should do a patch test and don't use it for sensitive skin , I tried to use those photo translator  app  but it didn't  work. 

my first expression : although the package was damaged , the product was in good condition yay . the second thing that i noticed is the gold flakies are less than what is showing in the picture there  . And by the way i really like the pipette thing lol . 

the most important thing that it doesn't smell bad even the smell isn't so intense .
i apply a little bit on my hand - patch test - and as you can see in the pictures that there is only one small golden flaky . and the primer has a sticky consistence , i spread it on my hand and waited for about 5 -10 min or maybe less . well nothing happened to me i mean that i didn't notice any allergic reaction .

at the beginning it forms a thin layer but after some time my skin has absorb it .
then i applied my foundation ,  it preforms well .

moving to my face the most important one , the first thing the I want to say that I made a mistake by applying a important  amount which take a lot of time to be absorbed , so the second  time that I tried it , I used only small amount  just to form a thin layer then wait until it get absorbed ,  I applied  The foundation  on it and it looks  so good , no problem  .
For the hydration  effect I have no idea if it will work or not because  I don't  have this problem .
Also according  to people reviews on the website , the product isn't  suitable for dry skin . So I don't recommend to use it if your skin is dehydrate  
Another point it does not help to get a brighter  skin as it is shown in the pictures there or to reduce the pore . 
So the conclusion the product  can be used before applying  The foundation.  for other effects I didn't notice anything  .

Hope that you enjoy this post , see you next time .

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